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Micah Callahan

Those eyes could stop a clock...
Full Name:  
Micah Callahan

Sporting a deep mane of rich, vibrantly brown curls that fall to his shoulders and wild chartrueuse eyes, Micah can definitely make the girls swoon.  Only an inch or so taller than Anita, putting him at around 5'4", his height seems to be the only small thing about him.  Well tanned as well as lean and graceful, his catlike eyes and fangs add to his imperfect, yet no less stiking, appeal.  The Nimir-Raj of the Man Eaters Clan, Micah feels a connection to Anita that neither one of them can deny.

What we know about Micah Callahan:
   He entered the scene during Narcissus in Chains.

   Elizabeth was the misguided leopard who invited Micah to St. Louis--we think it turned out well.
   Micah's and Anita's beasts call to one another.
   Micah has the ability to heal with his body, just like Anita can with the munin.
   Coming to St. Louis to do Chimera's bidding, Micah betrays him and ends up protecting Anita and her pard, despite being opened up like a sack of potatoes.
   He enjoys being read to by Anita.
   Has tousled with Jean-Claude a few times.