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The Blood District

"We were in what the vampires called 'the District.'  Humans called it the Riverfront, or Blood Square, depending on whether they were being rude or not."  
~Anita Blake, Guilty Pleasures

Blood Square
"There wasn't much parking down by the river.  We had left my car in a parking lot two blocks back,.  The one with the wrought-iron fence around it.  The narrow brick road and the ancient sidewalks had been designed for horses, not automobiles.  The streets had been fresh-washed by a summer thunderstorm that had come and gone while we ate dinner.  The first stars glittered overhead like diamonds trapped in velvet." -Anita Blake, Guilty Pleasures

So, what exactly is the Blood District?  In St. Louis, it happens to be where all the nightlife jumps - literally.  All the vampire run clubs happen to be along this one strip, so of course our favorite vampire executioner, Anita Blake, frequents it, well...frequently.  Everything dead, undead, and moster-like is showcased in the various tourist attractions, including some of St. Louis' worst.  The Blood District is a place where people can come to get a cheap thrill from creatures that should be truly scary.  Stupid people.

Guilty Pleasures
"The sign was a wonderful swirling neon, the color of heart blood.  The symbolism was not lost on me.  We went up three broad steps, and there was a vampire standing in front of the propped-open door.  Even standing on the threshold, I could hear the busy hum of voices, laughter, music.  That rich, murmurous sound of many people in a small space determined to have a good time.  Guilty pleasures was one of the hottest clubs in the District, and they did not take reservations.  There was a large sign on the door.  'No crosses, crucifixes, or other holy items allowed inside.'  I read the sign and walked past it.  I had no intention of getting rid of my cross." -Anita Blake, Guilty Pleasures

    Guilty Pleasures offers exactly what it's name says.  A strip club that offers the tastiest morsels in the underworld, the club was Jean-Claude's first try at entrepreneurship, and the club took off beautifully.  This is one reason why Jean-Claude is such a loaded vamp.  A hotspot for women (and some men, if you swing that way), Guilty Pleasures is an old-school, new-age attraction.

Dead Dave's
"Dead Dave's is all dark glass and beer signs in the windows.  The afternoon sunlight was fading into twilight...The place was cheek to jowl with business suits, male and female.  Dead Dave's had become trendy despite efforts to keep it at bay." -Anita Blake, The Laughing Corpse

    Though slow during the day and worked by Luther, this bar happens to be hopping at night.  Dead Dave, a vampire and former cop, is the owner of the local tavern and comes out at night to give locals a     little bit of a peep show.  A hot drinking joint, Anita also uses the dark bar to gain information to help the police from someone who knows the monsters best - a monster himself.  

Circus of the Damned
"Circus of the Damned is a combination of traveling carnival, circus, and one of the lower rungs of hell.  Out front, fanged clowns dance above the lights that spell the name.  Posters stretch the sides of the building, proclaiming, 'Watch the zombies rise from the grave.  See the Lamia -- half-snake, half-woman.'  There's no trickery at the Circus, everything advertised is absolutely real.  It is one of the few vampire tourist attractions that welcome children.  If I'd had a kid, I wouldn't have brought the little tyke near the place.  Even I didn't feel safe."  -Anita Blake, The Killing Dance

    The Circus is the ultimate torture place for someone who has a fear of the Monsters     and circuses.  A combination of good carnie fun and a freak show, the Circus was formed so that monsters could appeal to the whole family.  Political motive here?  Naw...  The Circus always smells of popcorn, cotton candy, and the metallic scent of blood.  Probably because Anita constantly journeys into the underground labyrinth (aka Jean-Claude's house) and kills lots of stuff.

Danse Macabre
"I let him lead me into the main area of the club.  They had gutted the warehouse until it rose three stories straight up with railings around each floor.  The main dance floor was huge, shining, and slick, gleaming in the subdued light.  Track lighting was hidden away so it was hard to tell where the light was coming from.  Things hung from the ceiling.  At first glance I thought they were bodies, but they were mannequins, life-size rubber dolls, crash-test dummies.  Some were naked, one wrapped in cellophane, some in black leather or vinyl.  One rubber doll wore a metal bikini.  They were hung from chains at different levels.  It was a mobile.  
'That's different,' I said." -Anita Blake, The Killing Dance

    Dinner and a dance...what could be better?  Vogue and extremely chic, Danse Macabre has it all.  From dancing performers to an open floor to the enticement of vampires and werewolves, thrill-seekers come in the droves for a good time.  Owned and operated by Jean-Claude himself, just like the Master, Danse Macabre isn't necessarily what it seems.