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This site is still under please, PLEASE bear with us as we finish.

Laurell K. Hamilton News
This section includes any book, appearance, merchandise, and other news tidbits we can dig up.  

Site News
Wondering what's new with The Lupanar?  Check here.

  Laurell K. Hamilton News
8-10-03:  Merry Gentry fans, have heart!  We're going to see the third book of the series, Seduced by Moonlight, arriving on shelves February of next year.  Information gleaned from Laurell K. Hamilton's official website.  I probably now owe them my soul, but that's OK!  ^^  ~Nikki aka The Official Website's Bitch

7-29-03:  Alright, I've got a tentative release date for the 12th Anita Blake book.  October of 2004.  I know, sucks, doesn't it?  But don't hurt me, I'm just the messenger.  ~Nikki aka The Depressed Anita Fanaddict

  Site News
8-10-03:  News update in the Laurell Section, as well as the Nikki Page under Club Vampyre.  We've done a LOT of work on collecting pictures, so they're getting editted and are nearing the final stage of perfection so that we can put them up on the site.  Of course, Ryder is being a little slacker and not getting me all of her information, so her stuff is still slowly but surely being worked on.  Thanks for being patient! ~Yours 'Til Niagra Falls, Nikki

7-29-o3:  If you're reading this, then that means that you're now browsing The Lupanar!  Good for you.  Anyway, what's up right now is FAR from complete.  We've got huge plans for this site, but it's going to take a little bit of time for us to get it completely up and underway.  So far, this page has been updated, along with Danse Macabre, The Beeper, and Circus of the Damned.

Eventually, we're looking at having comprehensive pages on the major players in Anitaverse, getting the entire Fey section launched, and having a lot of interaction with everyone in the Anita Blake fandom.  So please, be patient with us!  We're working hard so that this site can be helpful as well as fun.  If you're bored, and looking for something to do, go visit our message board.  Chat with people who have common interests!  Again, if you have any problems or suggestions, please e-mail us at  We appreciate any feedback we can get.  

So have a lollipop, and go pick up some guys/girls.  Spread the loooooooove.
~Love and Pixie Stix, Nikki