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Nikki's Page

Whee, I get a page!  The horror of it all...^_~

Me back in 1999, on my horse San Saba Song.  No, I don't wear my hair in braids anymore, thank you very much.

Who am I?  I am the terror that flaps in the night!  Naw, not really...

I'm your average girl, except for the fact that I'm unusually rough-and-tumble, a cowgirl/writer extrordinaire, and local Anita Blake fanaddict. ^_~  And Ryder's bestest friend EVAR, even if she pretends otherwise.    

I also like long walks on the beach, picking flowers in the springtime, and cute fluffy little kitties.  Or...not.

   Being held/cuddled/snuggled as long as I like you.
   Working at "the ranch"--playing with her horses, doing the whole "ride into the sunset" bit.
   Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream.
   The color PURPLE.
   Reading and writing, as well as talking to some of my closest reading/writing buddies.  Who said I had a life?
   Long showers
   Sharks.  I'd love you forever if you got me one.  
   Being touched by strange people
   Mean people.  They only end up making little mean people, which I swiftly dispose of.
   Shitty little bastards.  Doesn't everyone?
   Crying and/or physical pain.
   The dark.  Hey, props if y'all can sleep without a nightlight.  I can't.
   Motherly lectures.  I hate guilt trips.

AIM handle: SabaSong
MSN handle:

And no, you won't get my private e-mail address, you sick stalker-like people! ^_~ And yet, do not stop adoring me.